*Fee must be paid prior to redeeming services

Tannery Medical Centre

Request for service provided to family member not attending visit $50 (eg refill, referral, note)

Refill request by fax or email $20 - For multiple medications - $35

Patient Request for call from MD in place of office visit $50 per 10 mins

Patient Request for medical services without office visit $50

*Please be advised that these fees are set by the management as per OMA guidelines. It is illegal to bill OHIP for these services. We regret that individual practitioners are not authorized to alter them.

Private Pay Fees

(not covered by OHIP)



Sick Note/Return to work note $25

Functional Abilities/Modified Work Form (unless WSIB) $40

Form physical for school/work $50      

Attending Physician’s Statement (APS) - Up to 3 pages $150 -  Subsequent pages, per page $40

Disability Tax Credit $150 - CPP forms $85

Physio/Massage/Chiropractor insurance note $25

MTO physical $160

Travel Medicine Consult (including vaccine admin, does not include prescription for vaccine) $50

Visit for purpose of obtaining private-pay diagnostics recommended my naturopath/homeopath $50

Chart Copy - $50 ( on disc )

Copy of Results - $1.00 per page, paid cash only